Very high success rate of projects. We know what to do!

Thanks to our rich experience acquired through implementing projects from the outset and the possibility of their use in 2004, the quality of the documents prepared by us and thanks to specialization in corporate projects of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) OPPIK, we can boast with very high success rate of obtaining grants for our clients.


No fixed payments or fees! Commission only in case of a successful project!

Thanks to the high success rate we are able to offer our clients these conditions. You don’t pay any deposits, fixed payments or any other fees for tender, publicity, studies etc. All costs are taken care of by us and if, by any chance, the subsidy wasn’t successful, we then worked for you for free. Our commission is charged after the payment of the grant to your account and its amount is based on the size and the seriousness of the project.


Specializing in corporate projects under grants OPPIK MIT!

Thanks to the mentioned specialization on company projects , which are then financed through OPPIK programms (Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness) of MIT declared for the years 2014 to 2020, we can rightly be considered as very successful in obtaining grants for our clients.


Complete service from A to Z! Minimal concern for the client!

Many companies are afraid of too much administration and also the nescience of the relevant legislation in the area of grant projects. These worries are unnecessary. Our aim is complete security of all actions relating to requesting the application, studies preparation with technical and financial foundation, tender realization, project documentation leadership, help with financial statements and complete monitoring of the project after its successful implementation. The result is an absolutely minimal administrative and time burden for the client, it is limited mainly to providing the necessary information to successfully obtain grants subsequent management of grant projects.


Long term cooperation!

Our endeavour is longterm cooperation with our clients, realization of their longterm aims and needs with respect to most efficient use of the EU grant options. As a part of this effort is rigorous choosing of the most sufficient  programms for planned investments, permanent communication with responsible people of the client, consultation of grant options  and repeated successful realization of sunsidies projects with the maximal profit for our client.


Resilience and flexibility

The customers satisfaction and successfuly realized subsidy project is the main aim. We conform the method and scope of our work for the client and we are fully available whenever the customer needs.


Financial sourcing for the project realization

Thanks to longterm collaboration with a reputable company Broker Consulting and its connection to all the Czech Republic operating stores, we are able to assist customers in obtaining the necessary credit lines at very favorable terms needed to implement investment projects. Payment of the subsidy is always known as EX-POST, therefore, after implementation and investment of the project costs, and by payment from MIT directly to the client’s account.


We try to help – Foundation „Pětník“

The realization of grant projects we have been very successful and our success we are also trying to evaluate in favor of those who never had much luck. Through the Foundation Pětník we help people with total paralysis of the body and permanently bedridden, whether physical or financial aid, organizing charity events etc. Through us then all our business partners participate, who we thank so much. More you may read on