What is it about?

Within the ICT and SS it is possible to obtain financial support for the reconstruction of business premises, equipment, hardware and software, consulting services, rent and wages and insurance of new IT workers, all related to the creation of new ICT solutions, application development, building a data center or the establishment and development of remote services and data management systems, customers etc.

Who can apply?
Business subject (entity) from the category of (the size of the company to 50 employees), medium-sized enterprise (company size to 250 employees) and a large enterprise whose business is defining the industry in IT services. To assess whether you can apply, please contact us, according to the Company to find out whether you are entitled to a subsidy or not.

How much can be obtained for one project?
The subsidy is paid in the amount of 1 mil. – 200 mil. CZK. And is 45% for small, respectively 35% for medium-sized enterprise of eligible project costs. The subsidy is paid EX-POST, after the implementation of the project.

What can get support?

  • Creation of new IS / ICT solutions – ie. creation of advanced digital services, applications, and firmware eg. in communication, entertainment, business, education, health, access to employment or even in cultural and creative industries, including the related implementation
  • the establishment and operation of shared service centers
  • Building and upgrading data centers

Eligible expenditure:

In the case of activities Creation of new IS / ICT solutions and the establishment and operation of shared service centers

  • personnel costs, rent, services experts
  • hardware, software, and other expenses associated with the project under the de minimis

In the case of activity Building and upgrading data centers

  • acquisition of land, buildings, structures, reconstruction of buildings, hardware, software, and other equipment and services experts

Specifics and restrictions:

  • the project must be implemented in the Czech Republic outside the capital city of Prague
  • minimum investment in tangible and intangible assets used to provide activities for the project is a small enterprise 0.3 mil. CZK, medium sized company 0.5 mil. CZK. For a large enterprise 1 mil. CZK
  • it is possible to submit a maximum of four projects for one company.

Project Phase:
The project is possible to phase to ensure funding already during the project to reduce complexity eg. credit. The project can be submitted for future implementation, so you will know before the realization that you have received a subsidy.

Payment of commission:
You pay commission after receiving subsidy on behalf of your company. The amount of commission depends on the size of the project. In the case of phasing of the project and thus the gradual payment of subsidies to your account, is also gradually paid commissions based on the received grants.
For more information please contact us!