What is this about?

In relation to the program Property it is possible to get support for business buildings reconstruction or buildings renovated for business purposes.

Who can apply?

Business entity (legal or natural person) from the category of small (the size of the company to 50 employees) and medium-sized enterprise (company size to 250 employees), which is also the owner and user of the property and the sectoral demarcation activities are supported under the program – production. To assess whether you can apply, please contact us, according to the Company we will find out whether you are entitled to a subsidy or not.

How much can you get for one project?

Subsidies are paid from 1mil.-200mil. CZK and we are talking about 45% for small, 35% for middle enterprise of eligible project costs. Subsidies are paid by EX-POST, for project implementation.

For what can you get subsidies?

  • modernization of production facilities and renovation of existing outdated infrastructures and reconstruction of brownfield and their conversion into modern commercial buildings
  • the program will be to encourage investment in construction works, including the demolition of the original buildings and construction of new buildings.

Eligible expenditure:

  • purchase or modification of land , purchase, renovation, modernization, adjustment, or building construction removal, utilities, roads to buildings, hardware and networks where they are immediately required for the safe operation of buildings, building equipment
  • other costsassociatedwith the construction, which will be includedin fixed assets(in particular theservicesof experts, studies, design and engineering activitiesthatare directly relatedto the project implementation)

Specifics and restrictions:

  • the project must be implemented in the Czech Republic outside the capital city of Prague
  • Minimum floor space of the reconstructed building must be after reconstruction 500 square meters
  • All properties within the proposed project must be registered in the national database of brownfields, which of course we will arrange for you.
  • You can submit a maximum of four projects in one company

Project Phase:

It is possible to phase the project to ensure funding during it already to reduce complexity eg. credit.
The project can be filed for future implementation, so you will know before the realization that you have received a subsidy.

Payment of commission:
You pay a commission after receiving subsidy on behalf of your company. The amount of commission depends on the size of the project. In the case of phasing of the project and thus the gradual payment of subsidies to your account, commission is also gradually paid based on the received grants.
For more information, please contact us!