What is it about?

Under the Energy Saving is possible to obtain financial support in any way leading to a reduction in energy intensity operations, modernization of production towards this goal, the use of waste energy etc.

Who can apply?

Business entity (legal or natural person registered in the OR) category of small (the size of the company to 50 employees) and medium (size of holding up to 250 employees) and large enterprise whose defining sectoral activity is supported under the program – production. To assess whether you can apply, please contact us, according to the Company to find out whether you are entitled to a subsidy or not.

How much can be obtained for one project?
The subsidy is paid in the amount of 500 thousand CZK – 250 mil. CZK and is a 50% (small businesses), 40% (medium-sized) and 30% (large enterprise) of eligible project costs. The maximum grant for environmental studies is 350 thousand CZK. The subsidy is paid EX-POST, after the implementation of the project.

What can you get support for?

  • modernization and reconstruction of electricity, gas and heat in buildings and energy-farm production facilities in order to increase efficiency
  • introducing and upgrading measuring and controlling systems
  • modernization, renovation of existing facilities to produce energy for their own consumption to increase its effectiveness
  • upgradinglightingsystemsof buildingsand industrial sites(only in case of replacementof obsolete technologieswith newhigh-efficiencylighting systems, eg. Light emitting diodes(LED)
  • Implementation of measures to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the business sector
  • utilization of waste energy in industrial processes
  • reduction of energy intensity / increasing energy efficiency in manufacturing and technological processes
  • installation of renewable energy for their own consumption venture (biomass, solar systems, heat pumps and photovoltaic systems)
  • installation of a cogeneration unit using electricity and thermal energy for own consumption of the company with respect to its operating conditions

Eligible expenditure:
Tangible assets

  • tangible fixed assets
  • intangible assets (if it is necessary for the proper operation of tangible fixed assets)
  • ecological studies (energy report)

Specifics and restrictions:

  • the project must be implemented in the Czech Republic outside the capital city of Prague
  • not supported commercial tourist facilities such as hotels, leisure facilities, spa, restaurant
  • You can submit a maximum of four projects at one company

Project Phase:
The project is possible to phase to ensure funding already during the project to reduce complexity eg. credit. The project can be filed for future implementation, so you will know before the realization that you have received a subsidy.

Payment of commission:
You pay a commission after receiving subsidy on behalf of your company. The amount of commission depends on the size of the project. In the case of phasing of the project and thus the gradual payment of subsidies to your account, is also gradually paid commissions based on the received grants.
For more information, please contact us!