Getting the subsidies from the EU!

We will carry out and get the subsidies from the EU! Even if it’s technology, property, your own research and development, employee training, energy saving or any other  investment. It is not important, if you are self employed or a company customer, you too can reach for some interesting subsidies from the EU! Are you acquiring new IT equipment or are you an IT company and you are making your own ICT solutions, are you developming or modernize a new data centre? Also you can get destinctive help. Commission we charge only in case of a successful project, therefore agreed and to you paid subsidies. No fixed payments, no deposits or fees! We will secure all subsidies, submiting the request, processing the studies, leading the selection process, handling it, payments upto getting the subsidies and the following monitoring. We have been in the area of subsidies from the very beginning and in this time we have obtained alot of important experience. We believe in lonf term cooperation with our clients and in two-way benefits and satisfaction.
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Help with the selection process etc.

In the case, where the client is obtaining the subsidies by himself, we offer help mainly in difficult legislative areas, for instance creating the tender documentation upto the following tenders, leadership and surveillance of the  selection process development, evaluation, processing of required studies, business plans and development plans for submission of the grant application, consultation on mandatory publicity submission of payment requests, monitoring, etc. We have been moving in the EU subsidies from the beginning in year 2004 and therefore we have a lot of experience and knowledge in these areas of support in corporate business. We believe in long-term and successful cooperation!

Financial advice

In the context of long-term cooperation with the company Broker Consulting we provide assistance in the field of corporate finance, whether in relation to the provision of financial resources in the form of very beneficial corporate loans for projects implemented subsidy or requesting any other needs asked for by the client. We are able to significantly optimize corporate finance and implement austerity measures in the areas of corporate property insurance, vehicle fleet, liability for damage etc., implement financial instruments in the field of employee remuneration, allowances, insurance, etc. The client doesn’t pay any fees; all commissions are paid by financial institutions or from implemented savings.

Sponsorship and operation of the Foundation “Pětník”

As a successful company we try to help those who haven’t had so much luck in their lives. That’s why we fully finance the service of the Foundation „Pětník“, which helps people with with complete paralysis of the body and the need to breathe through the breathing apparatus, ie. pentaplegics. These people are in most cases life bedridden and dependent on others for help. So we try to unburden them, at least financially and help these people live well each following day. For the above reasons, from our profit, we finance the entire operating service of this foundation and from the implemented projects we also contribute directly to support specific disabled people. We believe this makes sense. By using our services, you help too! Thank you.